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  • How to change your name/nickname You can change your name to any other at any time. Some users use their real names, and this is the most acceptable option. Others use pseudonyms. In order to change your name you should go to Change Profile and type a new name in the "My name" field. After all changes, click "Save".

  • How to change your date of birth You can change your date of birth in the Change Profile section, in the "Birthdays" field.

  • How to change your password You can change your password in Settings. You need to enter your current password here.

  • I forgot my password. How can I recover it? When you registered on the site, the password was sent to your mail. If the letter was deleted, you can recover your password. For this purpose there is a "Forgot your password?" link on the main page of the site, next to the authorisation fields. You need to specify your e-mail address, which you used during registration. A new password will be sent to this address.

  • How to change your city in your profile? During the registration process we try to determine your location automatically and, if we are wrong, we give you the opportunity to change the city yourself. In any case, the city you chose at the outset is considered your home city for your profile and you can't change it. The aim of Jeempo is to provide an opportunity to chat with and meet people from your city. More than that, for your convenience we show you all users, not only from the city specified at registration, but also in cities situated near you. As a rule, these cities are situated within 100 kilometres from the specified city.

  • How to unsubscribe from e-mail notifications? In order to unsubscribe from the e-mail newsletter, uncheck all boxes in the "E-mail Notifications" section in Settings and click "Save".

  • How to change/delete your main photo? You can fully manage your uploaded photos in the My photos section. Hold the mouse over any of the uploaded photos and two buttons appear automatically on the photo itself. These buttons allow you to delete or make the current photo your main photo.

  • What are the benefits of Premium Status? With Premium Status you can view all photos of other users and write/reply to their messages without limitation.

  • I have a question but there is no answer to it. The technical support service works for you 24/7, at

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